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Start–up business account

Start Up Account

A Business current account that evolves with your business

Free banking with our Business current account for 12 months 3, to help you get off the ground. We also have experts on hand you can talk to – because we know a little insight could make a big difference in those early months.

Apply over the phone

If you’re a Barclays online or telephone banking customer with a PINsentry card reader, you may be able to apply for a start-up business account over the phone. 

Just call us on 0800 515 462 to get started.

Accounts benefits

Open a start-up account for your new business and you’ll benefit from:

  • Free business banking for 12 months 3
  • At the end of your free banking you will have a choice of 2 straightforward Price Plans
  • Our Loyalty Reward gives you back more of your account charges the longer you're with us
  • Support and guidance from your Business Banking telephone team with our Service Guarantee
  • The flexibility to manage your account online, by phone, via the Barclays Mobile Banking app 4 or in branch

Service Guarantee

  • Our Business Banking telephone team aims to resolve every query straight away
  • If we can’t, we’ll give you a named point of contact who’ll take personal responsibility for resolving your query and making sure you’re kept fully informed along the way

Additional services:

  • Free consultations with an accountant, marketing professional and solicitor for expert advice in your crucial first months
  • Free seminars on topics such as marketing and growing your business
  • Barclays Cloud It  – our secure online document storage and management service

Rates and changes

Free banking

During your 'initial free banking period' you won’t be charged for everyday standard transactions 6, such as paying in cash or cheques, making or receiving payments and even bank statements. However, we’ll charge for non-standard transactions, such as ordering drafts, stopping cheques and international payments.

Please refer to our Business Current Account Price Plan Charges sheet at the bottom of this page for full information on our non–standard services and their charges.

When this period ends

We will contact you two months prior to your period of initial free banking period ending to let you know which Price Plan you will be moving to, with the option to move to the other Price Plan if you prefer.

Price Plans designed for your business

At the end of your initial free banking period, you have two simple Price Plans to choose from, designed around the way your business makes and receives payments.

  • Mixed Payments Plan – designed for business that mainly use cash, cheques or a range of ways to make and receive payments
  • e-Payments Plan – designed for businesses that receive electronic payments and make payments mainly through Online Banking and debit cards

Enjoy piece of mind with our Price Plan Guarantee

To make sure you’re still on the plan that offers you the best deal we’ll carry out a review each year. If so we will automatically move you, writing to you first.

Loyalty Reward

Loyalty Reward is our way of rewarding you for being our customer by paying you back a proportion of the charges we apply to your current account on a monthly basis.

For more information on our Loyalty Reward and additional services, download our Business Current Account Price Plan Charges sheet 450 KB





How to apply

Before you start, you’ll need to have the following details to hand in order to fill out a Barclays Business account application online:

Business details

  • Business name, contact details, nature of business and legal status
  • Business start date (if applicable), anticipated turnover and any funding requirements
  • Incorporation details (if a limited company)
  • Business tax details

Personal details

  • Personal name and address
  • Time at current address, and previous address details if under 3 years
  • Existing bank account details
  • Country, city and date of birth and country of nationality and residence
  • Personal tax details

Sole traders and single-director limited companies

If you’re a sole trader or the sole director of a limited company, the whole application process can be completed online in just 10 minutes. Confirmation that your account has been set up and full documentation will follow by post.

Partnerships and multi-director limited companies

If you are a partnership or limited company with 2 partners/directors, you can start your application online. Once submitted, we’ll contact you to book an appointment with a Barclays Business Manager at a branch and time that’s convenient for you to complete your application.

Terms & conditions

Please read the terms and conditions for our accounts and services

Important Information
1. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor and record phone calls. Call charges
2. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor and record phone calls. Call charges
3. Available for small businesses, including individuals setting up their first business bank account within the first 12 months of trading. There is no charge for standard transactions for 12 months (‘Initial free banking period’) from opening our Barclays Business current account.
4. Standard transactions include most payments out (debits) and payments in (credits). Automated transactions through telephone/internet banking are included, as are cheque transactions, cash handling and paper/online statement services. There are charges for non-standard transactions, such as audit letters, returned/stopped cheques, international payments and duplicate statements. See a full list of  standard and non-standard transactions .
5. To view PDF files, you will need a PDF file viewer installed on your computer or mobile device.