Contactless business debit cards

Contactless Debit Card

Quick and easy ways to make payments

Barclays is the first UK bank to launch contactless technology for Small Business customers, showing our commitment to this secure innovation that will increase choice and convenience when making debit card payments.


What is "contactless"?

Contactless technology provides you with an additional way in which to use your business debit card to make low value payments. Using the contactless technology is quick and easy for making payments of £20 or less at retailers displaying the contactless symbol.

Rather than inserting your card into a chip and PIN machine you simply hold your card next to the contactless card reader to pay. You won’t need to enter your PIN meaning secure payment is made in less than a second. So whether you’re grabbing a coffee or a sandwich, your transaction will be made even quicker by using your contactless business debit card.

How do I use it?

To make a payment using your contactless business debit card, simply hold your card next to the contactless card reader at the till when prompted to do so by the retailer. The payment will then be confirmed by a single beep in addition to the illumination of four indicator lights and / or a display message confirming a successful transaction.

Contactless technology can only be used for making a payment of £20 or under, so for anything more than £20 you’ll be asked to use your business debit card with your PIN in the usual way. If you make several contactless purchases in a row you may be prompted to enter you PIN for security and validation purposes.

To help speed up the transaction you won’t receive a debit card receipt as you do when using Chip and PIN. However you will be given a till receipt by the retailer as proof of purchase (but you can still ask for a debit card receipt if you’d like one) and your transactions will appear on your bank statement.

You don’t need to worry about ‘topping up’ your contactless business debit card; your card is linked to your current account and funds will be debited from this account, as they are with Chip and PIN payments.

What are the benefits?

  • Contactless technology provides a quicker and more convenient alternative to pay for goods totalling £20 or less
  • You don’t need to enter your PIN, so payments are made in less than a second
  • Paying by card instead of with cash, means that you can keep track of your spending, because like normal debit card payments, they will show on your bank statement.

Where can I use it?

You can use your contactless business debit card to make payments of £20 or under wherever you see the contactless symbol.

Contactless payments are accepted at a number of retailers in the UK.

Contactless payments can be made overseas, where retailers have adopted the technology. Currently this includes Spain, Turkey and Switzerland, with many more expected soon. Our contactless technology isn’t compatible with the equivalent system in the US or Canada but you can still use your contactless business debit card for Chip and PIN transactions there.

And don’t forget, you can still use your contactless business debit card for Chip and PIN transactions in millions of retailers worldwide.

Is it safe?

Yes, contactless payments are very secure. Payments are processed through the same reliable and secure Visa payment technology as Chip and PIN payments.

For contactless payments to be taken, a retailer must enter the amount for you to approve, then you need to place your contactless business debit card close to the contactless card reader for the payment to be made. As a result contactless payments can’t be made or duplicated without your knowledge.

We take fraud very seriously at Barclays and have built a number of security controls and limits into the card to prevent misuse. For example, on occasions you may be asked to enter your PIN for security and validation purposes.

On top of this, our contactless business debit card benefits from advanced security features required by the payment card industry, making this card the most advanced debit card we have ever issued.

Frequently asked questions

I’m a Barclays customer. How do I get the contactless technology on my business debit card?
Contactless business debit cards will be issued to existing business debit cardholders from 17 February 2010 when your current card expires or is replaced (for example, after being reported lost or stolen).

I’m a Barclays customer, but I don’t want to make contactless payments.
That’s fine. When you are sent your new business debit card it will have the contactless technology built in, but it’s entirely up to you whether you choose to use it to make contactless payments.

Your contactless business debit card can still be used to make Chip and PIN payments.

I’m not a Barclays customer, but I’d like to find out more. How can I do this?
To receive a contactless business debit card, you will need to open a Barclays business account.

To find out more about opening an account with Barclays take a look at our Business current accounts , call us on 0800 515 462 1   or pop into your local branch to arrange a meeting with your Barclays Business Manager.

I would like my business to accept contactless payments. Where can I find out more about this?
Find out more information about  contactless Merchant Programme .

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