Fraud Prevention Service

Barclays numbers

To give you that extra bit of reassurance, you can check our phone numbers here to make sure that they're genuine Barclays Fraud Department numbers. Whether you've received a call from us and want to check its authenticity or you've been given a number to call us, just enter the number here and we'll validate it for you.

Please ensure the number is entered correctly (eg 0845 207 2810)

The number you provided: (Detail searched number) does not match a genuine Barclays Fraud Department phone number. Please check the number you have entered is correct, as this is not a recognised Barclays Fraud Department phone number. If you are sure you have entered the correct number, then please call us on 0345 734 5345. Check another number

Number successfully validated

Thank you. The phone number you provided: (Detail searched number) is a genuine Barclays phone number. Click here to check another number


How we prevent fraud

To help protect you against fraud, we always keep an eye on your account. So if we notice something that seems out of the ordinary, we'll call you as soon as we can to check it's you.

What happens?

It's an automated service that will call you and ask you to verify that you are our customer. We'll then tell you about the most recent transactions so that if there's anything you have any doubts about, or you simply don't recognise, you'll be put through to a Fraud Adviser.

What we'll never ask

If we contact you, we'll never ask for your PIN, your account number or any other secure information. If anyone calls you and asks you to tell them this, hang up immediately and call 0345 734 5345 straightaway. Call charges information

If you call us, we will ask for your account number and other information to be absolutely sure it's you.

We will also never collect your card from you, or request that you give your card to a third party on behalf of Barclays. If anyone asks that you return your card and PIN to us using a courier or other third party, call us immediately on 0345 734 5345.