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Changes to overdrafts fees

From 16 June, we’re changing the way we charge for overdrafts. We’ll no longer charge you interest – instead we’re introducing daily overdraft fees. This will enable you to quickly and easily work out how much you’ll pay, which will depend on how much you borrow.

Overdraft cost-comparison calculator

Overdraft cost-comparison calculator

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This calculator provides a comparison of our overdraft fees between the current interest rate charges and the new daily fees.

Current plan

Interest based

Total cost of borrowing:£0.00
Average daily cost:£0.00
Interest rate:0.0%

Future plan

Daily fee

Total cost of borrowing:£0.00

Overdrafts are subject to application, status and income verification.

This information is provided for illustrative purposes and only shows the interest that you may be charged. It doesn't include any associated
fees, e.g. monthly current account fees.

For overdrafts arranged over £15,000, an annual arrangement fee of 1.5% will be charged.