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Online Banking Guarantee

Online Banking Guarantee

When you use Online Banking, you're automatically protected by our Online Banking Guarantee. This means that, if you fall victim to internet fraud on your Barclays bank account, we'll cover your loss – no matter how much money is taken from your account – as long as you've used Online Banking correctly.

Our promise to you

In the unlikely event that you fall victim to internet fraud on your Barclays account, we guarantee to cover your loss, providing that:

  • You haven’t given your security details to someone else
  • It wasn't caused by your use of an account aggregation service (a service provided by another company that allows you to view all of your bank details on a single website)
  • You haven’t sent us incorrect payment instructions
  • You’ve taken reasonable care when using Online Banking (such as logging off at the end of each session and not leaving your computer unattended while you’re logged in)
  • You let us know as soon as possible of any security breach, including potential breaches
  • You haven’t acted fraudulently
  • You’ve complied with the security requirements outlined in your account’s terms and conditions

Are there any limits to what we can refund under the Guarantee?

We can only refund the amount that’s fraudulently taken from your account by a third party. We can't be held responsible for any consequential losses.

What should you do if you've fallen victim to online fraud?

Contact us immediately if you think you are or may be a victim of fraud on your Barclays cards or accounts. The number you should call varies according to the type of fraud involved.

If you've received a suspicious email that claims to be from us, please forward it to internetsecurity@barclays.co.uk and then delete the email immediately.

Important information
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