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The audio PINsentry card reader

PINsentry card reader

If you need to use an audio PINsentry card reader to do your Online Banking, we've created one for you. Find out more on this page about how to use it.

Using your audio PINsentry card reader

Before you use your card reader for the first time, please take the tour to find out more about it. Tour PINsentry

  • Your audio card reader will time out and turn off after 90 seconds of inactivity. To reactivate the card reader, simply remove and reinsert your bank card
  • To activate the audio function, just switch it on by turning the dial upwards before you insert your card. You can listen either through its built-in speaker or by plugging in headphones
  • When pressing a key on the audio card reader, always ensure that you hear the voice prompt before pressing another key as keys pressed during the voice prompts will not be recognised
  • Press the CLEAR button straight after a voice prompt to repeat the voice prompt
  • When the audio function is switched off, you can press the 0 key to increase the size of the unique eight-digit code generated by the audio card reader. When the audio function is switched on, press 0 repeatedly to hear the code repeated back to you one number at a time. A single 'beep' will tell you when you reach the end of the code
  • The audio card reader does not need to be connected to your computer at any time. It works completely independently, based on your card and the information you enter into it
  • Your audio card reader is battery powered and does not need to be plugged in. The battery should last between two and three years
  • If you enter your card PIN incorrectly three times into the card reader, your PIN will lock and you won't be able to use your card. Find out how to unlock your PIN

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