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Upgrade to PINsentry

PINsentry card reader

PINsentry provides an extra level of protection for your more security-sensitive transactions, keeping your money safe from fraudsters.

What is PINsentry?

Extra security for your accounts

There are two ways to use PINsentry to protect your Online Banking transactions.

PINsentry card reader

The PINsentry card reader is a small hand-held device into which you insert your Barclays debit, cash or authentication card. It works with your card and PIN to generate unique, 1-time 8-digit codes for use in Online Banking.

To upgrade to PINsentry, select 'Upgrade to PINsentry' from the Accounts services menu in Online Banking. We'll send you out a card reader that you can use with your existing debit or cash card. If you do not have a debit or cash card then we will send you an Authentication card to use with the card reader.

Mobile PINsentry

Mobile PINsentry is a feature in Barclays Mobile Banking that you can use in the same manner as you would your PINsentry card reader. It offers you the same convenience as your card reader and the added flexibility that means you don’t have to carry your card reader with you when you’re out and about.

You don’t need to register for Mobile PINsentry – it comes automatically as part of the Barclays Mobile Banking app. However, you will need to have registered for Barclays Online Banking and have received your PINsentry card reader before you can use Mobile PINsentry.

Please note that although Mobile PINsentry is a feature of the Barclays Mobile Banking app, it is only designed for use with Barclays Online Banking. There are currently no functions within the Barclays Mobile Banking app that require PINsentry authentication.   


Choose how you log in

Once you've upgraded to PINsentry, every time you log in to Online Banking you can choose whether you'd like to use your PINsentry reader or your passcode and memorable word.

That means you don’t have to carry PINsentry around with you all the time.

Passcode or memorable word

Logging in with PINsentry gives you an extra level of protection, so you can carry out more security-sensitive transactions.

 Choose how you log in

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How do I upgrade to PINsentry?

Log in and select Upgrade to PINsentry from your Account services menu. We'll send you out a reader that you can use with your existing debit card.

Benefits of upgrading

  • You'll get access to carry out the full range of Online Banking services, including setting up payments to someone new for the first time
  • You can also use it to set up Text Alerts, register for Barclays Pingit, set up a new standing order, update your phone number, open a cash ISA or apply for an overdraft
  • If you use Barclays Mobile Banking, you can use PINsentry to set up new payees in Online Banking so that you can then send money to those people while you’re out and about
  • You can choose whether to log in to Online Banking with PINsentry or with your passcode & memorable world, so you don't need to carry your reader everywhere you go
  • Upgrading is free

If you have registered for the Barclays Mobile Banking app you will be able to use the Mobile PINsentry feature (available on the latest version of the app)


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Important information
1. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges
2. The pre-approved list contains banking details of some of the UK's most popular companies. Once you enter a company's name on the page, our systems will search for its banking details to ensure your payment reaches the correct destination. If the payee does not feature on the list, we will ask you to use your PINsentry to make your payment. Our Online Banking screens will guide you through this process.

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