What we're doing to protect you

Protecting your account

Protecting your account

Keeping your money safe is one of our most important objectives. Here are some of the ways we help protect you and your account information.

Our online banking guarantee

If you're an Online Banking customer, you're automatically protected by our Online Banking Guarantee . So if you fall victim to internet fraud on your Barclays bank account, we'll cover your loss – no matter how much money is taken from your account – as long as you've used Online Banking correctly.


PINsentry gives you even more protection when you bank online with us.

It works by asking you to insert your Barclays debit card into a card reader. Once you've entered your PIN, the card reader generates a unique security code that you'll need to type into Online Banking to:

  • Log in
  • Make a payment to someone new for the first time
  • Set up a new standing order

PINsentry is quick and easy to use and adds yet another level of security to Online Banking.


FREE security software

If you use Online Banking or Mobile Banking, get the award-winning Kaspersky Internet Security suite (RRP £49.99) free. It’s available for PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Check out our free internet security software offer page for more information.

Not registered for Online Banking? You can get basic access in just a few minutes.


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Our security system

Data encryption
Our Online Banking service is hosted on a secure, 128-bit encrypted server. This means that any information you send us is encoded for your protection.

Timed log out
Online Banking logs you out if you don't use the service for 10 minutes. This gives you added protection if you forget to log yourself out.

Deactivation of your login details
We'll automatically disable your access to Online Banking if three incorrect attempts are made to log in using your details. This is to stop fraudsters making repeated attempts to get into your accounts.


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Shopping online

Verified by Visa, which we provide in association with Visa, protects your cards against unauthorised use when you shop online at participating retailers. When you buy something in a shop using a Barclays Visa Debit Card or Barclaycard, you validate the transaction by entering your PIN or signing a receipt. Verified by Visa mimics this process online by providing a digital receipt that you authorise using a password.


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Fraud monitoring

To protect you, we’re constantly monitoring for suspicious activity on your account. So you may get a call from our automated system or a text SMS to confirm a recent transaction or a change of address.

To keep your money safe, we may sometimes decline transactions that are out of character for you, or even block your account until we can confirm that you’re making the transaction. Keep your contact details up to date so we can contact you quickly to minimise any inconvenience.

If we do call you, we’ll never ask for your passcodes, passwords, PIN, card details or sensitive account information. You’ll be asked to confirm your date of birth from a list of options. That’s all.

If you get a call, voicemail or a text from someone claiming to be from our Fraud Team and you think it’s suspicious, call us back using the number from our website. Or check the phone number using our Telephone number verification service .

1. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges