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What's a health insurance quote?

What's a health insurance quote?

A health insurance quote provides you with information about the cost of a particular insurance policy designed to pay out money or provide treatment should you become ill or suffer an accident.

There are many different types of health insurance. You should choose health insurance policies carefully. Health insurance quotes do not provide advice about whether the policy is suitable for you, it is up to you to read the policy document and make your own choice. When you compare health insurance quotes, make sure you are comparing like with like policies that offer similar cover and benefits.

When you get a health insurance quote, you will need to provide details about your personal circumstances and the cover you require. Getting a health insurance quote online can be quick and easy. You can get a quote for health insurance UK-wide, and you may qualify for an online discount.

At Barclays we offer a number of health insurance UK-wide products designed to help when you may need it most. We can provide you with an online health insurance quote quickly and conveniently. Tale a look at our Insurance section now.

At Barclays we offer...

A number of health insurance products. Take a look at our Insurance section now.