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Worldwide travel insurance tips

Travel insurance

You might think that worldwide travel insurance would automatically cover you for travel to all four corners of the globe.

In reality, many policies have restrictions, and you need to check carefully that your worldwide travel insurance actually covers you for where you want to go.

Standard holiday travel insurance may not include parts of the world that are considered high risk, or areas where medical expenses are high – like the USA for example. If you are travelling to these areas, you may need to pay an additional premium.

Don't assume holiday travel insurance is worldwide travel insurance. Many policies will restrict you to Europe only. You need to check the policy document for the details of countries you will be covered in, especially if you are buying budget travel insurance.

Barclays offers Single trip travel insurance and Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance standard policies that can be extended to offer worldwide cover, including the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. If you are venturing less further afield, you can opt for Europe-only holiday travel insurance.

At Barclays we offer...

Choose from Single trip travel insurance or  Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance for Europe-only or worldwide travel, with the option to include or exclude the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.