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Guarantees and bonds


Guarantees and bonds

A way to give your customers extra confidence that you’ll deliver what they need.

In some circumstances, a customer may need to ask you for a clear commitment or guarantee that you’ll meet your part of the deal. Our range of guarantees and bonds can help you do just that.

We can also help  you get the detailed financial information you need to reduce the risk of trading, whether that’s with new buyers or current customers who want to increase their orders. See the information below on Barclays Business Abroad.

Download our fact sheet on guarantees and bonds.

Guarantees and bonds fact sheet 200 KB


What to do next

Contact your local International Trade Manager to talk through your business needs.


Once you've spoken to your trade manager or are satisfied that you have all the required information, download a form from the link below to begin completing your application.

Download the form to apply

Application for Bonds Guarantees and Indemnities - Standby Letter of Credit 507KB


Example guarantees and bonds solutions

  • Advance payment guarantees

These are useful when your customer is looking for cover on money paid to you in advance before delivery of the goods or services

  • Tender guarantees

Show that you’re a credible contender for a contract when trying to win new business

  • Performance bond

Prove your commitment by offering a financial guarantee that you’ll  meet your contractual obligations

Trading outside the EU?

If you’re importing from a country that isn’t a part of the European Union, get in touch to see if our VAT payment solution could help your business.

Barclays Business Abroad

A free source of expert support and advice for businesses trading internationally, with valuable discounts on trade products and services. Find out how to register for Barclays Business Abroad

Finance to support a longer working capital cycle?

Our financing options can help you bridge the gap and manage your business growth. Talk to our International Trade Managers to review your trade cycle.