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Structured products

Current market conditions prevent us from offering an attractive structured product at this time but this may change in the future.

If you have already purchased a Woolwich Plan Managers structured product via Barclays Investments or Barclays Financial Planning then you can access product snapshots and brochures or provide us with your maturity instructions.

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Prior to maturity

We’ll write to you not less than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled maturity date to confirm the options available to you in anticipation of your investment maturing and the funds becoming available. You can provide your instructions by returning the maturity documentation we send to you before the scheduled maturity date. We’ll hold your instructions and act on them shortly after maturity.

If you choose to receive payment of your maturity proceeds and your instruction is complete and valid, then in the normal course of events, we’ll send the proceeds to you within 5 working days of the scheduled maturity date.

If required, please print, complete and return the form below to provide us with instructions in relation to your maturing or matured product.

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After maturity

We’ll write to you again within 5 working days of the maturity date and provide you with the confirmed value of your maturity. If you’ve already returned your instructions, then no further action is required.

If you haven’t provided us with your instruction, you’ll then have the opportunity to do so. We’ll act upon your complete and valid instructions within 5 business days of receiving them. If you have a ‘kick-out‘ product (your statement will indicate if this is the case) and the product hasn’t matured early, you’ll receive a letter informing you that the structured product will continue until the next anniversary date.

5 weeks after maturity

If your maturing investment is held outside of an ISA and we haven’t received an instruction from you, we’ll issue your maturity proceeds within 5 working days from this date.

3 months after maturity

If your maturing investment is held within an ISA, and we haven’t received an instruction from you, we’ll contact you between 3 and 4 months from the maturity date to remind you to provide us with an instruction. We’ll hold your proceeds in an ISA-designated client money account to ensure that the tax-efficient ISA status is retained during this time.

6 months after maturity

If your maturing investment is held within an ISA and we haven’t received an instruction from you within 6 months from the maturity date, we’ll send you a cheque for your maturity proceeds within 5 working days of this date. Your ISA status will be lost at this point and any reinvestment of these proceeds into a new ISA will be treated as a new subscription. Your maturity proceeds will be held in a client money account during the period in which we continue to hold them, ensuring their tax-efficient ISA status is retained.

Transferring a structured product

Please complete the ‘Investment Plan Transfer Form’ below to transfer a structured product. You’ll need to seek advice from an IFA, and they’ll need to complete both the relevant section and an appropriate ‘know your customer’ declaration. Open and read the ‘Permitted transfers’ document below to see the types of transfer we can accept.

Make sure to read this page in full to find out how the process works before and after maturity. The information given here reflects the process we’ll follow for the structured product(s) you want to transfer, and may differ from the brochure.
There have been changes to some of the terms and conditions and these are detailed in the ‘Additional Terms’ document below. Please take the time to read this document.


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