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Barclays personal loan

Sign for a loan online and you could receive the money instantly

You're now at the final part of your loan application. The rest of the process is really simple.

If you're already registered for Online Banking, log in to your account as usual and sign for your loan online using the step-by-step guide below.

If you're new to Online Banking you'll need to register first before you can sign for your loan online. Once registered you'll be given the option to go through the online signing process as long as you applied for your loan in the last 7 days.

It's so quick and easy to do. What's more, your money could be in your account instantly 1

Step-by-step guide

Your online signing process

You might find it helpful to keep this page open to guide you through each step of the online signing process.



Already registered for Online Banking but forgotten your login details or your PINSentry card reader?

Select the link below to sign for your loan online and then be reminded of your membership number, passcode or memorable word. You must have applied for your loan in the last seven days.

Forgotten your log-in details? 2


Not registered for Online Banking?

If you're not already an Online Banking member, select the link below to register. Once complete, you'll then be able to sign for your loan online immediately, but will not be able to access the full Online Banking service until your passcode or card reader arrives in the post.


Once you have selected one of the above options, just follow the numbered steps in the box to the right.

Then follow these steps

  1. Following log-in or registration you'll be taken automatically to the 'Your Approved Loan Applications' screen.
  2. The loan application you agreed over the telephone should be pre-selected for you. If there's more than one loan visible, please select the one you wish to sign for online
  3. Confirm your details.
  4. Print or download a copy of your loan agreement from the 'Your forms' screen. If you can't print or download a copy of the loan agreement, you won't be able to sign for your loan online.
  5. Sign your loan agreement online.
  6. You will then see a confirm page informing you when you should receive your money.

Need some help?

Are you having trouble completing your application online?

Call 0345 600 2323 3


Need more information?

For more information about our personal loans, go to Barclays Loans

For general information, click for Home

Important information
1. Only available to customers who are registered for Barclays Online Banking and who log in to apply using PINsentry or their passcode and memorable word.
We'll transfer the money to your Barclays current account instantly on any day as long as you apply in Online Banking, your loan is approved, you can print off or download your agreement and sign it in Online Banking between 7am and 11pm. Sign online after 11pm and we’ll usually transfer the money by 9am the next day.
If you’ve got an existing loan with Barclays and are taking out additional borrowing*, if you sign your agreement in Online Banking between 7am and 6pm, you’ll usually receive your money within 1 hour.  Sign online after 6pm and we’ll usually transfer the money by 9am the next day.

*Applying for additional borrowing as part of your existing loan with Barclays is not available via Online Banking. However, if your application is approved via telephony, you will  have the option to sign your agreement online to receive your funds within 1 hour.    

If you’re not registered for Online Banking or you’ve forgotten your log-in details, you’ll need your Barclays debit card to register and/or sign.
No internet access? We’ll post your agreement to you for you to sign and return. We’ll transfer the money into your account as soon as we receive the signed agreement.

2. If you visit this link we can advise you of your membership number immediately, but if you have forgotten your passcode or memorable word, these will be reset and sent to you in the post. Before they arrive you will only be able to sign for your loan online no other online services (eg checking balances) will be available to you.

3. Lines are open Monday to Sunday 7am-11pm. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges .