Secure Mobile Banking Guarantee

Online and Mobile Banking Guarantee

When you use our Online Banking or Mobile Banking services, you're automatically protected by our Online Banking Guarantee. This means that, if any money is taken from your account by a fraudster via these services we'll put your account back as if it hadn’t happened – including paying back the money, refunding any charges and interest you have paid, and paying any interest you’ve missed out on.


Our promise to you

In the unlikely event that you fall victim to fraud on any of Barclays Mobile Banking services, we guarantee to cover your loss, providing that:

  • You haven’t given your Barclays Mobile Banking or Barclays Pingit 5-digit passcode to someone else
  • You haven’t sent us incorrect payment instructions
  • You’ve taken reasonable care when using Barclays Mobile Banking services
  • You let us know as soon as possible of any security breach, including potential breaches
  • You haven’t acted fraudulently
  • You’ve complied with the security requirements outlined in our Mobile Banking
    terms & conditions

How else are we protecting you?

  • One secure log-in protects your accounts and Barclays Mobile Banking and Barclays Pingit automatically log you out when you navigate away from the app or if you haven’t used it in 10 minutes
  • If you’re an Online Banking user, the Mobile PINsentry function in Barclays Mobile Banking app provides an extra level of protection for your more security-sensitive transactions, keeping your money safe from fraudsters
  • Your mobile security is our priority and you can take some steps yourself to make using our service even more secure