Give the new Barclays Mobile Banking app a try

 New features

A quick, simple and secure way to manage your accounts


With Mobile Banking, you can check your balance, pay bills, and much more – on the go.

We’ve redesigned the app*, so it’s simpler to use. You’ll find it easier to discover useful new features, so banking on-the-go will be quicker than ever before.


Bank on the go with the Barclays Mobile Banking app

To get the app, you’ll need an iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android device or Windows phone. You can download it from the relevant app store or, if it’s for your phone, let us know your number and we’ll text you a link.

Download the app


  • You must be 16 or over
  • You must have a Barclays current account
  • You must have a UK-registered mobile number



* For the moment, the improved app will be available to people with iPhones and Android devices. We’re working on improvements to other versions of the app.


Banking on the go, with great features


New features


Easily manage your cards and use account services that could make banking more convenient for you. Tailor your app’s settings and personalise your debit card, or use your app to instantly let us know if your card’s lost or stolen. 


View your accounts’ balances and all your transactions

Manage your app’s settings

Manage your statement preferences

Report your card lost or stolen 2

Use the Settings option to manage your preferences and personalise your app so it suits you. 


Give your accounts nicknames so they’re easy to find

Sort your accounts in a way that works for you

Add images to personalise your app and debit card

Change your passcode when you need to



Tools to make banking simpler

Tools Icons

With Mobile PINsentry 2 built into your app, you can leave your PINsentry card reader at home. Barclays Cloud It lets you store your documents safely online. And, if you need to pop in to see us, just open branch finder to pinpoint your nearest branch. You can discover more useful tools on the home screen.



Providing you the required help instantly

Help Icons

It’s easy to find help and support if you need it. You’ll find the answers to our most popular FAQs and, if you need to speak to us, you can call us straight from the app.


Products and apps to make your banking life easier

Add Premier Travel and Tech packs to your account from our Features Store, and access our other apps like the Premier rewards app that could make banking easier for you.


Sign in to Barclays Pingit straight from your Mobile Banking app 2

See if you can apply for a loan, or top-up a current loan

Add handy products and services to your account from the Features Store


Features Store



Bank on-the-go, whatever device you use

Our mobile banking app works on a range of mobile devices. So whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Android device, BlackBerry or Windows phone, we’ve got a version that’s right for you.

Your app may have different features, and might look different, depending on the device you use. But they all offer quick and easy banking in the palm of your hand.

We want to provide you with the best service we can, so we’re proud when our efforts are rewarded. Find out about the awards our apps have won

Bank on the go with the Barclays Mobile Banking app

To get the app, you’ll need an iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android device or Windows phone. You can download it from the relevant app store or, if it’s for your phone, let us know your number and we’ll text you a link.

Download the app


  • You must be 16 or over
  • You must have a Barclays current account
  • You must have a UK-registered mobile number

Average ratings for all versions of the app accurate as of 19 November 2014

Activating your app

It's easy to get started

You’ll need to be over 16 and have a Barclays Premier Account 1 to begin with. Then:

  • Download the app
  • Enter your account number & sort code
  • Verify your mobile number
  • Authenticate your details using a PINsentry card reader, or at a Barclays branch or cash machine


Need some help? Our app activation guide shows you how to register for the app. 


How to register


Help and support

Help with your registration

Why can’t I register for Barclays Mobile Banking on a rooted or jailbroken mobile?
Keeping your money safe and secure is our main priority, but we can’t guarantee our measures will work on a mobile with modified system files. To make sure we’re doing everything we can to fight fraud, Barclays Mobile Banking isn’t available on phones with rooted access. If you reset your phone to its factory settings, you might be able to use the app.
Why am I getting an error message when I try to register for Barclays Mobile Banking?
If you see  error message RP002, it means you’ve tried to register for Barclays Mobile Banking before. If you’ve already registered, make sure you enter your details correctly. If you see this error message but don’t think you’ve registered before, call us on 0333 200 1014 3.
Why can’t I download Barclays Mobile Banking for my phone?
The Barclays Mobile Banking app is available on iPhones running:
  • iOS 6 and above
  • Android 2.3 and above
  • BlackBerry OS 5 to OS 9
  • Windows Phone 8 and above

The app is not currently available for BlackBerry OS 10, but we’re working to change this.

To find out which software your phone uses, follow the relevant process below.


Open Settings and select ‘General’ followed by ‘About’. You can also open Settings and select ‘About phone’ and then ‘Software information ’.


Open Settings and select ‘About phone’ followed by ‘Software information’. This process may differ on some Android phones.


Go to the Homepage and select ‘Options’ followed by ‘About’. This process may differ on some BlackBerry phones.

Windows Phone

Go to the App list, select ‘Settings’ followed by ‘About’ and then ‘More info’.

Help with your app

Can I add new payees using the Barclays Mobile Banking app?
No, you can only pay a person or company who is already in your list of payees. To add a new payee to your list, you’ll need to log in to Online Banking or use Telephone Banking.
How is Mobile PINsentry different from the PINsentry card reader?
Mobile PINsentry is a feature in the Barclays Mobile Banking app. You use it in the same way as your PINsentry card reader, which means you don’t have to carry the card reader around with you.
You can use Mobile PINsentry to:
  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Set up a new payee
  • Authorise any international payments you make in Online Banking
Once you’ve downloaded and registered for Barclays Mobile Banking, it’ll take up to 10 days for Mobile PINsentry to be automatically activated in your app.
How safe is it to use the Barclays Mobile Banking app? And how do I report fraudulent activity or a lost phone?
The British Standards Institute (BSI) has awarded Barclays Mobile Banking the international ISO 27001 certification for security and resilience. Plus, when you make a payment using any of Barclays Mobile Banking services, you’re automatically protected by the Mobile Banking Guarantee if you fall victim to fraud. This means we’ll refund any money that’s taken from your account if you’re an innocent victim of fraud. The app is protected by a 5-digit passcode you set, which you have to enter every time you open the app. To be safe, you shouldn’t store your passcode on your phone or write it down anywhere. If your phone is lost or stolen, call us on 03332 001014 3 straightaway and we’ll disable your Barclays Mobile Banking account as a precaution. You’ll need to re-register on your new phone.



Keeping you safe

We work hard to keep your money and personal details safe when you’re banking on your mobile. So we’re proud to tell you when our efforts to keep you safe are rewarded. So far, we’ve earned the following recognition.


BSI ISO 27001 certification – awarded to our online banking service, and our mobile banking and Barclays Pingit apps. The certificate recognises the work we've done to keep your account access and payments safe and secure.


BSI Kite mark for Secure Digital Transactions – awarded to our mobile banking and Barclays Pingit apps. The kite mark  signifies that both apps have been independently tested to ensure they protect your financial and personal details.

 Cyber essential

A Cyber Essentials badge – a government-backed scheme that recognises good digital security practice in business.

Find out more about mobile banking security and protection.


Barclays Pingit


Pay bills or send and receive money easily using a mobile number with Barclays Pingit.

Mobile Banking Guarantee


When you use Barclays Mobile Banking, you’re protected if you’re an innocent victim of fraud.


Other ways to bank


Bank in a way that suits you with our different ways to bank. There’s a range of ways to do what you need.


Important information

1. You must be 16 or over and have a Barclays current account to use Barclays Mobile Banking. Terms, conditions and restrictions apply.

2. To help us protect your security, reporting lost and stolen cards, Mobile PINsentry and the ability to sign straight into Barclays Pingit will become available 10 days after you complete your registration for Barclays Mobile Banking.

3. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Calls to 03 numbers use free plan minutes if available. Otherwise, they cost the same as 01/02 prefix calls.