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What does home buying mean to you?

Is it still a home if you don't own it?

We've been asking the nation to share their thoughts on home buying:

  • House size. Does it matter?
  • Does living at home make you an ineligible bachelor?
  • What's more upsetting - your children moving out or back in?

Thousands of you have had your say and we've collected the answers to all our polls to give you an insight into the nation's conversation. And if you are thinking about buying, moving or extending your home, you can use our tools and videos below to help you research those big decisions.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Ways to repay your mortgage


Mortgage Calculator

Use our tool to calculate how much money you could borrow from us, what your mortgage repayments could be each month and which mortgages could be available to you.

Gross annual income (before tax)


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Mortgages jargon explained


Budget planner

Budget planner
Use our budget planning tool to help you raise your deposit.



Jargon buster
Common mortgage terms explained.



Mortgage quiz
Try our fun quiz and brush up on your mortgage knowledge.