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Am I eligible to register?
You can register if you are a Barclays Current Account holder, or a Premier Banking customer, and are registered to use Online Banking. Business Account holders are not eligible to take part.
How can I register?
Complete the registration form here. If you are selected, we will contact you by email with details on what to do next and how to start using new Online Banking.

What’s new with Online Banking?
With the new Online Banking it’s easier to log in and you can carry out transactions more quickly using the simplified navigation. You can customise your accounts and have more control over your banking. You’ll also be able to make international payments and same day guaranteed payments. We’ve shortened and improved processes so you can track a payment, change personal details and monitor your spending more easily.

Am I guaranteed to get access to the preview?

Registration will close once we have selected our target number of customers to take part in the trial. Unfortunately, not everyone who completes the form will be selected to take part in the trial.

What happens with the information you have gathered in the registration form?

Your form data will be securely stored on a database until the selection process is complete and will be destroyed securely once the new Online Banking website has been rolled out to all our customers. You can remove your details from the database at any time here.

What login details should I use?

You should use your normal Online Banking log in details. There will be a separate link on the log in page which will take you to the preview. You can log in with or without your PINsentry.

Have the security levels changed?

No. Security measures for the new Online Banking will remain the same as they are currently.  PINsentry users can now log in without their card reader and carry out more tasks than ever before, so you can check your balance quickly or transfer money between accounts while you're out and about without your reader. But PINsentry users will still need to log in with their card readers to make payments or set up a standing order to a person or company for the first time.

Is there help to use the new version?

We've included a comprehensive help centre if you run into trouble or if you're looking for information on your accounts, as well as a search tool for frequently asked questions and helpful tips along the way.

Online banking helpdesk advisors are available to help with your queries on 0800 000 000* from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (not including Bank Holidays). You can also email us with your queries [email address].

Can I continue to use the current version of Online Banking?

Yes. You will still be able to access and use the existing Online Banking during the trial. Although we would encourage you to use the preview version as much as possible.

Will you be monitoring my transactions during the trial?

No. We won’t be tracking your banking activity. While the new Online Banking uses live data, the full functionality is not yet active. If you find that you are unable to carry out a banking service, please use the existing Online Banking.

Can I stop the trial whenever I like?

Yes. Just complete the short form here [https://apps.barclays.co.uk/custpanel/unreg] We will remove your details and you can go back to using the existing Online Banking.

How do I give feedback?

We will ask you for feedback when you log out of the site. You’ll just have to complete a short form.
Your feedback will help us to ensure the new applications make Online Banking easier to use and faster.
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