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SmartSpend FAQs

1. What is Barclays SmartSpend?

SmartSpend is a free service that enables Barclays Online Banking customers to get cashback and save money on goods, services and travel through exclusive partnerships with premium brands and leading retailers.

To explore SmartSpend, just log in to Online Banking and select 'SmartSpend' from the top navigation bar or under 'My accounts'.

2. Is Barclays SmartSpend free?

Yes, SmartSpend is free and exclusive to you if you're registered for Online Banking. You can save money through cashback offers, discounts and money saving services.

3. Do I have to be a Barclays customer to use SmartSpend?

Yes, you need to have a UK current account and be registered for Online Banking or Mobile Banking. If you have an eligible Barclays account, you’ll be able to use Smartspend straightaway. At the moment Smartspend is not available with a Young Person’s, Barclays Plus, or Wealth accounts. If you don’t bank with us, or don’t have an eligible account, have a look at our other Current accounts

4. Do I have to create a Barclays SmartSpend account to use it?

No, as long as you're a Barclays Online Banking customer, you can use SmartSpend straight away by logging into Online Banking and selecting the 'SmartSpend' link in the top navigation bar.

Once you start shopping, you'll have to register with each of our SmartSpend partners before you can shop on their site.

5. Can I open a new Barclays account to start using Barclays SmartSpend?

Yes, open a new Barclays Personal or Barclays Business account and register for Online Banking and you'll be able to take advantage of all the savings, rewards and services SmartSpend has to offer as soon as your account is up and running.

6. How do I start using Barclays SmartSpend?

Log in to Online Banking and select 'SmartSpend' from the top navigation bar or by clicking on the SmartSpend widget.

This will take you to the SmartSpend homepage, where you can see all the brands, services, rewards and discounts on offer. Select any of the partners you want to explore and start saving – it's that simple. All you need to do is register with each partner, which takes just a few minutes. Then you can start shopping on SmartSpend as much as you like – for yourself, your friends or your family.

7. How do I claim a reward, discount or service on Barclays SmartSpend?

Just make sure you shop using the Barclays SmartSpend site to book your travel, buy a product or switch energy supplier. All you need to do is register with the partner – which takes just a few minutes. Once that's done you can start using SmartSpend. Your rewards, discounts or services will appear automatically on your SmartSpend pages.

To find out how to use SmartSpend, go to How do I start using SmartSpend?

8. When will I get my cashback?

That depends on the purchase you made. If you booked a trip with Expedia, please allow 30 working days after your trip is completed for your cashback to be deposited to your account. If you bought something through SmartSpend Shopping, it'll take 35 to 45 working days from when your purchase has been confirmed by the retailer for the cashback to be deposited into your account. If you switched broadband, TV or home phone suppliers with Simplifydigital, it will take up to 48 working days from when your switch is confirmed.

9. Why do you need my email address?

We need your email address so that our SmartSpend partners can create an account for you that's used to manage your purchases, cashback or savings and contact you regarding your purchases or bookings.

10. Will my banking information ever be shared with a Barclays SmartSpend partner?

No, we won't share your secure bank details with anyone. Transactions you make through SmartSpend will be treated like any other transaction using your Barclays account – with utmost security.