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Current Accounts

An account you can really make your own

Barclays Bank Account – a current account designed to fit around your lifestyle, with a range of add-ons to give you total control.

Free and easy to customise

  • Ready to use online in 5 minutes
  • Overdraft options available
  • Personalise your debit card

All current account options

Choose from our basic bank accounts through to ones that are a bit more specialised.

Barclays Bank Account

Free and simple. Open it online now, and customise it with our range of add-ons.

Premier Current Account

For the higher earners and savers. Get exclusive services and benefits from our dedicated team.

Cash Card Account

Keep tight control of your finances and avoid fees and debt with our basic account.

Student Additions Account

Free account for full-time students, with fee-free overdraft options

International Students Account

For foreign students studying full-time in the UK.

Higher Education Account

A straightforward graduate account to help bridge the gap between studying and your new life.

Graduate Additions

An account for recent graduates with added extras, including mobile phone insurance.


Fee-free account or 11-16 year olds, with easy access with a cash or debit card.

Young Person's Account

Fee-free account for 16-19 year olds, with Online Banking and a debit card.

Euro Account

If you regularly make or receive euro payments, this current account could be perfect for you.

Foreign Currency Account

Make and receive foreign payments with ease with this current account.

Add-ons to shape your account

Our exclusive Features Store lets you add the extras you want to your accounts. Some you pay for, some you don't.

Find out about the  Features Store

Really relax while you’re away

  • UK RAC Breakdown Cover
  • European family travel cover
  • Protection for your [bank] cards

£8.50 per month

Personalise your debit card

  • Add your favourite photo
  • Quick contactless payments
  • Just as secure as a normal card


Protect your home essentials

  • TV and satellite cover
  • Extend your warranties
  • Legal and tax helpline

£6 per month

Important information

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