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Better off online

Online money-saving tips

We want to help you to save money online

Become more tech savvy and use our money-saving tips online

We’ve got a range of tips on our YouTube channel that can help you start saving money online today.

The internet is full of bargains and deals that a lot of people miss out on because they lack the skills or confidence to shop online, or know where to look. But we can help. We have a range of options you can choose from to help develop your knowledge of the internet, so you can get online and start saving money today.

Watch our how-to videos

Our YouTube channel shows you clips of quick-and-easy tips on how to save money online.

Share your own money-saving advice

Get involved by sharing your own advice on our social media sites. Use our Twitter and Facebook pages to tweet and post your money-saving tips and tricks, so you can help others start saving money too.

Get to grips with computers – in a group or one-to-one

Build your confidence using computers and the internet by talking to our friendly Digital Eagles in a Tea and Teach session. All you have to do is find your nearest session give one of our Digital Eagles a call and book your place.

We’ll provide the tea and coffee and you provide the questions. And you can bring your friends along too.

Or, if you prefer a more personal approach, you can book an individual session with a Digital Eagle in branches around the UK.

Learn as you go

If you want to learn on your own, you can gain online skills through our Digital Wings, by Barclays site. This is an online learning tool designed to help you become more tech savvy and keep up-to-date on recent digital trends. It’s accessible from anywhere, by anyone, from any online device.

The range of interactive learning modules will help you improve your digital knowledge and increase your confidence. There is something for everyone in the Digital Driving Licence, so if you’re feeling like you’re being left behind by these ever-changing technologies or simply want to learn more about some interesting new innovations, explore the site to find out more.