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Your Barclays Bank Account

  • FAQs

    How do I know if all the Features Store Packs are right for me?

    It’s important to check from time to time that the cover is still right for you and that you’re still eligible for the benefits you are paying for. You can visit the Features Store at any time to review what’s available to you and what the cover gives you.

    I no longer want my Premier Life account, can I change it now?

    Yes. Give us a call and we can discuss your options with you. Please note that some of the changes to the Packs that we’ve explained in the letter and booklet aren’t being made until September. Find out more about the Tech Pack and Travel Plus Pack .

    Do I have to re-register for the benefits I already have?

    If you wait until we move your account, all of your details will automatically be taken across to the Features Store Packs, but you may want to take the opportunity to review what benefits are available and make sure you’re fully registered where needed.

    If you change your account now, and choose a travel-cover Pack, you’ll have to register any pre-existing medical conditions, if you have any.

    You’re removing the will-writing service, what happens if I already have a will with you?

    Access to a standard will-writing service will continue until 1 March 2016. You can still complete or amend your will in line with the current terms and conditions until that date. After this date, there’ll be a charge for any instructions received for a new or updated will.

    If I change my account today, will I still receive the extra £2 discount mentioned in the letter?

    Yes. If you change your account early and take out all 3 Features Store Packs, you’ll be eligible for the £2 discount straightaway. This will continue to be available until the date quoted in your letter or if you remove one or more of the Packs from your account.

    I use my overdraft every month, how much will I be charged when my account changes and I no longer have the £1,000 fee-free overdraft?

    The amount of fees will differ depending on how many days you use your overdraft for and on how much you use. You can find out what the charges will be by using our overdraft calculator , and selecting ‘Barclays Bank Account with Packs’ from the drop-down list.

    If you’d like more support on managing your overdraft, please call us to discuss your options.

    Will I still be able to use Premier Rewards when my account changes?

    On the date your account changes to a Barclays Bank Account, you’ll no longer have access to the service.

  • Terms and conditions

    Here are the current Features Store Pack and account terms and conditions. There are also summaries of the changes to the Travel Plus Pack and Tech Pack terms that are coming into effect in September, as well as an explanation of our bank charges.

    Please note that the conditions that specifically refer to Premier Life will no longer apply.

    Terms and conditions for Personal customers 470 KB

    Travel Plus Pack Welcome Booklet 9.43 MB

    Summary of changes to Travel Plus Pack 8.33 MB

    Home Pack Welcome Booklet 9.26 MB

    Tech Pack Welcome Booklet 9.23 MB

    Summary of changes to Tech Pack 1.26 MB

    Our bank charges explained 930 KB

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