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Premier Tech Pack

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Premier Tech Pack offers you:

This pack is no longer available. For customers who do already have this pack, it will continue as normal.

  • Mobile phone cover for up to 4 handsets
  • Gadget cover for up to £1,000


Mobile Phone Insurance

  • Worldwide cover for your mobile or smartphone against loss, theft, breakdown and accidental damage
  • Up to 4 handsets covered for joint accounts
  • The maximum individual retail cost or value of each mobile phone that can be registered for cover is £1,000 including VAT
  • The policy excess varies depending on the type of mobile phone you are claiming for
  • Maximum of 2 successful claims per account holder within a 12-month period


Gadget Cover

  • Worldwide cover for tablets, laptops, camcorders, cameras, MP3 players and more
  • Protection for up to £1,000 in total against theft, breakdown, accidental and malicious damage
  • Loss is not covered
  • Cover starts immediately after registration
  • The policy excess varies depending on the gadget you are claiming for
  • The excess is £50 if you are claiming for a laptop or tablet and £25 for all other gadgets


Terms, conditions and exclusions apply to all benefits. Read the policy documents so you know what's covered and what's not.

Activate your benefits

Account Benefit Registration needed How to register
Mobile Phone Insurance Yes You can register online or call 0800 158 3198 1 and select the mobile phone insurance option.
Make sure you have all your mobile phone details to hand, including make, model and IMEI number (which you can get by dialling the sequence *#06#).
Gadget Cover Yes You can register online or call 0800 158 3198 1and select the gadget cover option.

Terms and conditions

The PDFs below contain all the important information you need to know about Premier Tech Pack 3.

Premier Tech Pack Welcome Booklet 700 KB


Key exclusions

Mobile Phone Insurance

  • If we can’t repair your phone, we’ll replace it like for like or with a similar model of equivalent specification, which may be refurbished (ie, not brand new)
  • We can’t guarantee to match the handset colour
  • You must ensure that your mobile phone is kept safely – protect it like you would your wallet or handbag
  • You’re not covered for cosmetic damage

Gadget Cover

  • Cover starts immediately after registration
  • You must ensure that your gadget is kept safely – protect it like you would your wallet or handbag
  • You’re not covered for loss or cosmetic damage


Important information
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1. To maintain a quality of service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Calls to 0800 numbers are free when calling from a UK landline. Charges may apply when calling from abroad or from a mobile phone. Call charges
2. To be eligible for Premier Banking, you must have a gross annual income of at least £75,000, which must be paid into your Barclays current account, or have at least £100,000 in Barclays savings or investment products.
We'll review your eligibility for Premier Banking regularly. If you no longer meet the criteria, we'll contact you to explain your options. We reserve the right to move your money to a different Barclays account. We may also change the eligibility criteria for Premier Banking in future.
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