Direct Access Account

This account is no longer available to new customers.

Current interest rates

Monthly interest (effective from 12 December 2011)
 Balance  Gross rate pa% Net rate pa% AER%
£1+ 0.70 0.56 0.70
£2,500+ 1.00 0.80 1.00
£10,000+ 1.34 1.07 1.35
£50,000+ 1.39 1.11 1.40

Rates are variable. Interest is paid monthly on the first working day of the month.



Terms & conditions

Additional Conditions

These additional terms and conditions relate to the Direct Access and Direct Access Plus accounts and supplement and amend the general conditions of your Customer Agreement with us (Barclays Bank PLC).  In the event of any inconsistency between these additional conditions and the general conditions of the Customer Agreement, these terms will apply in relation to the Direct Access and Direct Access Plus accounts.

1. Eligibility

1.1. To have this account you have to be at least 16 and resident in the UK for tax purposes. You can have more than one of these accounts at any given time in sole or joint names.

1.2. The account is also available to trustees of personal funds, executor(s) of estates and administrator(s) of estates.

2. Direct Access and Direct Access Plus Account Terms

Payments into and out of the account

2.1. Once the account is open, you can make deposits of any amount at any time.

2.2. There is no maximum account balance.

2.3. Withdrawals from the account are allowed at any time with no notice.

2.4. Payments via standing order or direct debit are not allowed from the account.


2.5. Current interest rates and tiers are set out in our interest rate leaflet and on our website.