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Everyday Saver

The more you save, the more you’ll earn

Save whenever you want, for as long as you want, with instant access to your money.

  • 0.25% AER/gross pa 1 variable for balances of £1 to £10 million
  • From 1 December, the interest rate will change to 0.05% AER/gross pa1 on all balances
  • Instant access to your money – through online, mobile and telephone banking, in branch or with an optional ATM card 2
  • Open with £1


To apply for this savings account, you must be 16 years old or over and a UK resident for tax purposes.

You can include the Everyday Saver within your Barclays offset mortgage arrangement.


Interest will be paid gross on the first working day of the month. If you’re a UK taxpayer, you may have to pay tax on interest earned in excess of your Personal Savings Allowance.

Everyday Saver interest rates

How to apply

There are different ways to apply, depending on whether you bank with us or not.

New to Barclays?

Apply in branch with proof of ID and address .


Already a customer?

Apply online, by phone or in branch.

Register for Online Banking

Call 0345 744 5445 3

More ways to save

If the Everyday Saver isn't what you’re looking for, we have other options for you to consider.


Cash ISAs

Take advantage of tax-free savings while having access to your money. 4




If you’re serious about saving, you can put your money away in one of our bonds for a fixed rate of return.

Childrens Instant Saver

Children’s Instant Saver

Save as much as you want for your child, with instant access to your money.

Important information

1. ‘Gross’ is the rate payable without tax taken off. AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

2. Online, mobile and telephone banking are only available to Barclays current account holders who are registered for these services.

3. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 9am-9.30pm and Sunday 8am-9pm. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor and record phone calls. Call charges

4. Tax-free: indicates that interest is exempt from UK income tax provided all ISA conditions are met. The level and basis of tax can change and the value of tax relief depends on your personal circumstances.