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Cycling at university

Cycling at university Set the wheels in motion for a cheap, healthy, invigorating journey to lectures by checking out student bike schemes.
When it comes to transport, cycling is a student-friendly choice. Whether you're looking for healthy exercise, feeling eco-friendly or are simply short on cash, thanks to bike-hire schemes popping up all over Britain, there’s never been a better time to get cycling.

Chic 'n' cheap

Clare Saxon, an English postgrad from Oxford, says, 'Cycling has ethical credentials, and gets top marks for fitness, value and even style. And thanks to celebrities such as Jude Law, Agyness Deyn and Lily Cole hopping on their bikes, it’s been given the hipster thumbs-up.'

James Latham is on the University of Southampton rowing team and loves cycling because it keeps him fit for races. 'It makes sense to be exercising when travelling instead of just sitting there,' he says.

Will Murray from UCL started cycling due to early morning lectures that forced him to commute on the tube in London during crowded peak times. 'I don’t arrive sweaty anymore,' he says. 'And I'm saving a lot of cash!'

Wheels for a year

Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to a new bike, bike hire for students is growing, with long-term hire available and lower costs on offer in most big cities. Student schemes include City Cycle Hire  1 in Cambridge and Ucycle Nottingham 1.

Stay safe

Once sold on the attractions of cycling, make sure you’re aware of the dangers too, especially in cities. UCL’s Will Murray took part in a training scheme with Cycle Training UK 1, and familiarised himself with local cycle routes with London Cycle Network 1.

Ready to roll

If you’d prefer to buy rather than hire, check out Freecycle 1, second-hand wheels on eBay 1 and Amazon 1. Alternatively, head to your local Halfords with your NUS Extra card in hand or one of the other bike retailers offering student discounts. You’ll cycle your way to a fuller wallet in no time.

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