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Freshers' Week

Take a look at what these students spent during their Freshers' Week.


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How to survive Freshers' Week

Want to fit in, make friends and avoid faux pas? Try these top tips from students who've been there, done that, and got the free T-shirt.

Freshers Week You're new, you're unpacking in your room, and you're probably pretty nervous. Want the secrets of social success? Start with the basics. 'Some savings, painkillers and a doorstop to welcome new friends are your keys to 1st day happiness,' says Amy Hunter, studying Journalism at Lincoln.

And when neighbours come knocking, don't turn down the chance to meet new mates like Jonny Garrett, Journalism postgrad from City, did. 'I declined a cuppa so I could unpack,' he says. 'Big mistake – they called me "packing boy" all term.'

Once you've made some mates, check out what's going on at your university. 'The Freshers' Fair is brilliant,' says Claire Salmon, a Marketing grad from Portsmouth University. 'Every company and uni society wants your attention, so they'll give you anything from highlighters and mousemats to pizza and T-shirts.'

The biggest event will be the Freshers’ Ball. 'Don't miss it,' says Samantha Carter, a Magazine Journalism postgrad at Kingston University. 'It's pricy, but you’ll still talk about it in 3rd year!

Spend less on food

You can also save by adopting a high-protein, fibre-rich diet. Scientists at the University of Sydney have developed the Satiety Index, which measures the foods that most effectively keep tummy rumbles quiet. Potatoes top the list, followed by fish and porridge. And if you can afford a cinema trip, popcorn came in a satisfying 10th place.

And don't forget...

... to memorise where you live! Matthew Cottrell, a Leisure Marketing student at Bournemouth, arrived at his halls and headed straight out to meet a friend: 'At 2am I started walking home, until I realised I couldn't remember where it was. After 2 hours I gave in and walked 6 miles back to Jake's.'

Say 'hi' to everyone

'Make as many friends as you can,' says Stephen O'Shea from Southampton. 'After a month, groups form and it’s harder to meet people.'

Of course, not everyone you meet in your 1st week will be a friend for life. Throughout your time at university, there will be opportunities to meet brilliant new people – but Freshers' Week is a great time to start.

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