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Using your debit card abroad

Using your debit card abroad

Using your debit card abroad offers a secure and convenient way to withdraw cash and make purchases. There are charges but there’s also a way to minimise what you pay.

Cash withdrawals and purchases

You can use your Barclays debit card anywhere you see the Visa sign, which means you can withdraw cash and buy goods at millions of shops, restaurants, petrol stations and hotels around the world.

  • Withdraw up to £300 cash per day from cash machines that display the Visa sign
  • Save £1.50 every time you withdraw money abroad when you use a Barclays or Global Alliance cash machine
  • Cash machines will display instructions in English when you insert your card

Card charges and security

If you use your debit card abroad or pay in a currency other than sterling (either abroad or in the UK) the following charges will apply:

  • Barclays will charge you a 2.75% Non-Sterling Transaction fee
  • The Non-Sterling Transaction Fee also applies to any money you receive – such as refunds to your card
  • If you withdraw cash over a bank counter or at a cash machine, the bank you withdraw from will charge a £1.50 Non-Sterling Cash Fee. Some cash machine providers may make other charges
  • Avoid the Non-Sterling Cash Fee by using cash machines owned by Barclays or a member of the Global Alliance
  • Some card readers may give you the option to pay in sterling – you won’t pay the Non-Sterling Transaction Fee but make sure you know the merchant’s transaction fee and exchange rate, as it may be more expensive overall.

You can rest easy when using your debit card abroad as our fraud-detection systems are constantly verifying transactions.

  • There’s no need to tell us you’re going abroad – but make sure we have your up-to-date contact details
  • If we’re concerned about a transaction made using your card, we’ll get in touch to check it’s genuine
  • If we have your mobile number, we’ll send a text to ask if you know about the transaction – and you can confirm it by replying