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BBC micro:bit

Introducing the BBC micro:bit

We're on a mission to help the country embrace the digital revolution.

That's why we've partnered with the BBC to give up to a million children a device that will help them learn to code. It's called the BBC micro:bit – and it can help you too.

Digital skills for the next generation

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized codeable computer, designed to encourage year 7 students to get creative with technology.

The fun way to learn how to code

We really want to inspire children across the UK to get into coding, programming and digital technology – that's why we've partnered with the BBC on its Make it Digital initiative. We're helping the BBC to manufacture a million micro:bits to 11- and 12-year-olds across the country.

The BBC micro:bit will help the students learn how to code and program in a fun and engaging way. By experimenting, customising and controlling the micro:bit's many features (such as the digital display, motion detector, Bluetooth and compass) a simple action can be coded in seconds. No prior knowledge of computing is needed – just imagination and creativity.

BBC micro:bit and you

We know the importance of teaching code to youngsters, but we also see the BBC micro:bit as an opportunity for you to become engaged in the digital revolution too.

'We firmly believe that we have a commercial and social responsibility to ensure that no one is left behind on the digital journey, so we are on a mission to help and enable people to understand and embrace coding and the new digital world – whether they're 7 or 107', says Steven Roberts, Barclays Director of Strategic Transformation. That's why we'll be incorporating the BBC micro:bit into our digital education programmes.

Develop your skills and get more from technology

The best way to learn is to get stuck in. We've got people and tools ready to help you and your children get to grips with coding – and to show you how this new skill could help your career prospects.

  • Explore the BBC micro:bit for yourself. We have 15,500 colleagues trained as Digital Eagles to help you learn code online or in branch
  • Our Code Playground is a fun introduction to programming for kids. Attend one of the special Code Playground BBC micro:bit sessions in branch
  • Discover how coding can help you land your dream job with LifeSkills – our free programme that helps young people gain the skills that businesses are looking for

Help your children learn to code

Barclays Code Playground

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