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Transferring your account to Barclays

Account transfer service

As part of our continuing commitment to small and medium-sized businesses, Barclays has agreed with the government to ensure accounts are transferred as quickly as possible.

The agreement covers sterling denominated business current accounts held by business customers in England and Wales with an annual group turnover up to and including £25 million.

Our obligation to you

Our minimum obligation is to meet these timescales 80% of the time and we aim to exceed this. Every six months we publish figures showing how well we’ve performed and you’ll find the latest figures below.

Important information

  1. These service levels do not apply if you are transferring a business current account with a secured overdraft. (Refer to section above for further information on transferring security).
  2. These service levels do not apply if we have agreed with you or are otherwise reasonably entitled to withhold funds to meet unmet or future actual or contingent liabilities in relation to you.