SmartBusiness Dashboard and apps

Your most important business data, side by side

See what's going on with your business, all on one screen – free within Online Banking. Log in to get started.

The information your business needs – in one place

Bring all your data together

Dashboard brings together information from Online Banking, and the cloud apps you rely on, to give a complete overview of your performance.

Key metrics at a glance

Cashflow, sales, staff performance, web traffic and more – Dashboard shows you the information you need to make informed business decisions.

Connect to cloud apps

Connect the cloud apps you already use to your Dashboard for free and get no-obligation trials of new apps to see how they could help you.

Work the way you want to

Personalise your Dashboard to suit your business. Add and remove data, then drag and drop to show everything you need side by side.

Free trials of leading business apps

Dashboard connects to a wide range of cloud apps for business. Get personalised suggestions and free trials to see what apps could do for your business.

  • Just some of the growing list of apps you can add to your dashboard

Who’s eligible?

You can activate SmartBusiness Dashboard if

  • You’re registered for Business Online Banking
  • There’s only 1 business linked to your account
  • You’re a signatory for your account, with sole authority to make payments

Getting started is simple – and free

How to activate your Dashboard

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Select ‘Rewards’ then ‘SmartBusiness Dashboard and apps’