Expedia Cashback

Get up to 6% cashback on hotels and holidays

We’ve teamed up with Expedia, one of the world’s largest and most- trusted online travel companies, to give you exclusive cashback deals

  • Receive 6% cashback on your hotel, or 3% when you book your hotel and flights together
  • Enjoy an extra 1% cashback if you’ve joined Barclays Blue Rewards

Why book on the Expedia site?

  • Get cashback on bookings you make for you, your family and your friends
  • Enjoy our price-match guarantee
  • Earn cashback as many times as you like – there’s no limit to how much you can earn or how many times you can book
  • Prices are identical to those on expedia.co.uk – cashback is an exclusive benefit for you for banking with us
  • The cashback is paid directly into your chosen Barclays bank account
  • You can get cashback with Expedia – it’s available automatically and is free if you use Online Banking with an eligible account. Some accounts, such as ISAs and student accounts, are unable to receive cashback and so can’t use Expedia

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