Why can't I find one of my Online Statements?

You can search your Online Statements archive by going to your accounts homepage in Online Banking and selecting the account you want to see statements for. You'll then find options to see your recent transactions and statements.

Alternatively, all the Online Statements we’ve sent you to date will be in your Barclays Cloud It storage account, which you can get to from the dropdown menu under your name on your Online Banking homepage. Just look for the 'My Barclays documents' link.

If you still can't find your statement, it could be because:

You haven't received your most recent statement

  • Your Online Statements are updated once a month, so if you're looking for a statement from the past few weeks, it's possible that it’s not available yet. You can view the past 42 days' transactions below your statement preferences or by selecting the account name from the ‘Accounts home’ page and selecting the ‘show all transactions’ link just above the summary table which is displayed

The statement you're looking for is from before you switched to Online Statements

  •  Your Online Statement archive begins from the day you switched your preferences from paper to online, so if you need to locate a statement from before that date contact us in branch or by Telephone Banking (if you are registered) on 0345 734 5345* * and ask us to post you a printed copy.