How do I switch from online statements to paper ones?

Log in to Online Banking and go to the dropdown menu under your name in the top right hand of the page that lists your accounts.

Select ‘Statement preferences’ under the 'My preferences' section. You'll be shown a list of accounts and be able to choose how you want to receive your statements. 

Before you switch to paper statements, please check your most recent online statement to make sure we have the right address on record. This will ensure we send your next paper statement to the correct address.

If your address is incorrect, go to the same dropdown menu and choose 'Contact details' under the 'My details' section*. You'll need to use PINsentry to update your address. Otherwise, visit your local branch with proof of your new address and ID and they’ll change it for you.

*To protect you for security, if you have a mortgage, loan or Barclaycard with your current account, you may not be able to change address online.