I’ve deleted the Pingit app – why am I still receiving text messages to say I have received payments?

Deleting the app doesn’t cancel your Pingit registration, so people can still send money to your account – and you’ll still get a text about it.

The only way to stop receiving payments, and texts, is to cancel your Pingit registration. If you’ve deleted the app, unfortunately the only way to do this is to download the app again and re-register. 

Once you’ve done this, if you linked your app to a Barclays current account you can cancel your Pingit registration by selecting ‘Settings’ from the side menu and tap ‘Cancel my Pingit registration’. You’ll then need to confirm this, so tap ‘Cancel my registration’.

If you linked your app to a non-Barclays current account, you’ll need to withdraw all the money from your Pingit account and then follow the steps above to cancel your registration.