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What is PPI – Unfair Commission?

If you took out a PPI policy, a percentage of what you paid for your premium may have been commission. This would’ve been payable to the bank or broker, rather than the whole amount going towards paying for your insurance.

‘PPI – Unfair Commission’ is where the commission paid was unfair and you weren’t told about this. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have defined unfair commission as being more than 50% of the cost of the PPI premium.

The Supreme Court made a ruling in 2014 in the case of ‘Plevin’. It stated that an unfair relationship between a customer and lender is created when a commission on a PPI product is unfair and the customer wasn't told the commission rate. Following the ruling, the FCA set out guidelines on how banks should investigate and correct PPI – Unfair Commission.

Making a complaint about PPI – Unfair Commission

We've set up a simple and easy way to complain about PPI – Unfair Commission on your PPI policy. Just register your complaint online and we'll investigate whether you were charged unfair commission.

If you’ve never made a complaint to us about PPI, you should do that first using the PPI complaint form, so we can investigate your complaint fully. If you have previously made a complaint to us about PPI on a product you had with us, you should use the PPI – Unfair Commission form.

  • Online

    The easiest way to make your complaint is to use the PPI – Unfair Commission form. You can’t save your progress, so you’ll need to complete it in one go. It’ll take around 5 minutes.

  • By phone

    Please call us on one of these numbers and select option 1:

    From a UK mobile or landline: 0800 282 3901

    From abroad: +44 20 7116 74881

    Lines are open 24 hours, every day.

  • By post/In branch

    Please download and print our PPI – Unfair Commission complaint form and fill in your details.

    Take your completed form to a branch, or post it to:

    FREEPOST Barclays PPI Complaints