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Mobile banking for children

Barclays Mobile Banking for 11-15 year olds

Manage your money on your smartphone

  • Check your balance and see what’s new
  • Move money between your accounts
  • Send money to your friends and family

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What is it?

If you’re aged 11-15 and have a BarclayPlus account, you can get our award-winning mobile banking app on your smartphone. You can use it to check your balance, see what’s new, pay people you’ve paid before and move money between your accounts 1.

To get the app, all you need is a BarclayPlus account and an iPhone or Android.

How we protect your money

Your security is important to us, and we work hard to keep your money and personal details safe. Our app has won awards for its security however, in the unlikely event that you're a victim of fraud, you'll be covered by our Mobile Banking Guarantee. This means that if money's taken from your account, and you haven't done anything wrong, we'll put back what was taken from you.


  • View your account balance
  • See payments you’ve made, and payments that have been made to you
  • Move money between your accounts
  • Send money to people you’ve paid before
  • Report your card lost or stolen
  • Add a personalised picture to your card
  • Give your accounts nicknames
  • Personalise your app

Getting started is easy!

  1. Download the app
  2. Enter your account number and sort code
  3. Verify your mobile number
  4. Authenticate your details using a PINsentry card reader, or at a Barclays branch or cash machine

Need some help? Our app activation guides show you how to register for the app.

iPhone guide 3.98 MB

Android guide 4.72 MB

Lifeskills for your children

We believe that teaching young people money skills at a young age is important. That’s why we developed Barclays Mobile Banking for BarclayPlus customers. We've also created LifeSkills, a program to teach your children how to understand their finances and to help prepare them with the skills they need for job hunting in the future.


Barclays Mobile Banking

If you are 16+ then why not check out Barclays Mobile Banking and get full access to our mobile banking features.

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