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Mortgage Agreement in Principle

Take the first step to your mortgage with an AiP

Start an Agreement in Principle (AiP) online to find out quickly if you could borrow the amount you need – without affecting your credit score. See 'How will the information I provide be used?' below, for more details.

  • Find out quickly if we're able to lend to you without a full credit check
  • Don't bank with us? No problem – you can still get an AiP

How it works

You can get an AiP online if you’re buying a property or remortgaging your current home – it usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Choose how much you want to borrow
  • Tell us about your income and outgoings
  • Get your AiP result straightaway

We might agree, in principle, that we'll lend the amount you asked for or a lower amount, depending on what you've told us about your finances. But you’re not committing to anything at this stage – you're not tied to a particular type of deal if you decide to apply for a mortgage with us. Just remember that an AiP isn't a guarantee we'll lend to you.

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Don’t bank with us? You can still complete an AiP – you’ll get the result straightaway and we’ll email you a copy of your result.

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Log in with your Online Banking details and we’ll fill in some parts of your form to save you time.

I use Barclays Digital ID If you manage your Barclays bank account using the internet, please log in using Online Banking. If you don't bank online but you've already saved an AiP, please log in using your Barclays Digital ID.

If you’ve started an AiP and saved it by creating a Barclays Digital ID, you can resume it or check the details.