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Midata personal current account comparisons

Midata usage policy

Protecting yourself

Your transaction data can give a detailed picture of your financial choices and lifestyle. This information is valuable and could potentially put you at risk if it got into the wrong hands. Therefore, we mask some of the descriptions in the download to reduce the amount of personal information included. This is to protect you and others whose details may appear.

To protect yourself further when using the Midata service, you should:

  • Never upload the file to a website unless you're comfortable with the site and how it intends to use your details. We suggest you check its privacy policy to see if it will use your personal information for anything other than comparing accounts
  • Never share your Online Banking details with anyone else. The Midata account comparison works by you getting your file from us and choosing to pass it to a website that offers a comparison service
  • Make sure you keep the file secure. You can find advice on how to protect your computer at the Get Safe Online free advice site

If you're requesting data for a joint account, please make sure the other account holders are happy for you to download and share their information in this way.

If you and other account holders are happy with this, please tick the box to confirm your consent.