Card fraud

Protecting your cards

Learn how to protect yourself from card fraud. Call us immediately if you think you’ve been a victim of fraud or if your card is lost.

Take care with your cards

  • Sign new bank cards as soon as you get them and keep them in a safe place
  • Never let someone take your card away to process a transaction
  • Never hand your card over to anyone that comes to your door
  • Check your card expiry dates and call us if a new card hasn’t arrived when it should
  • If you live in a shared property, it may be better to collect new cards from your local branch

Protect your PIN

  • Don’t use personal details or combinations that are easy to guess when choosing your PIN
  • Never reveal your PIN to anyone, not even the bank or the police. Change it immediately if you think someone else may know it
  • Never enter your card PIN into the telephone
  • Always cover your PIN to prevent anyone from seeing it
  • Never write your PIN down in a way someone else might recognise

At the cash machine

  • If anything about the cash machine looks suspicious, don’t use it. Tell a member of staff or the police
  • Never put yourself at risk by attempting to remove any suspect devices from a cash machine
  • Avoid using a cash machine if suspicious-looking people are hanging around
  • Don’t let anyone distract you during your transaction, even if they seem to be ‘helpful’
  • Contact us straightaway if your card is unexpectedly retained by a cash machine

Shopping online

  • Use a computer, laptop or mobile device that’s protected with up-to-date security software
  • Avoid entering your card details on shared or public computers
  • Know who you’re buying from before giving your card details online or over the phone
  • Register for Verified by Visa and/or MasterCard SecureCode
  • Only enter your card details on secure sites – check the web address begins with ‘https’ and that there’s an unbroken padlock symbol in the browser address bar
  • Always log out after shopping and save the confirmation email as a record of your purchase

Travelling abroad

  • Take a note of our 24-hour emergency number if you’re calling from outside the UK1: +44 1928 584 4211
  • If your cards are registered with a card protection agency, remember to take their number too
  • Take another card or alternative payment method with you so that you’re not reliant on one card
  • Check the information on the sales voucher before you sign or enter your PIN
  • Keep a copy of your sales receipts and check your statement carefully when you get back
  • Visit our using your cards abroad page to learn more

Reporting fraud to us and the next steps

Once you’ve reported any fraud to us, we'll refund your account straightaway in most cases, provided you’ve not acted fraudulently or without reasonable care (for example, you haven’t kept your PIN written down with your card or disclosed it to someone else).

We may send you a form to confirm the transactions that you say were fraudulent. You’ll need to sign the form and return it to us so we can investigate.

If we don’t receive the form within 28 days, we’ll assume you’re not proceeding with your claim and any refund we’ve already given will be taken back out of your account.

We’ll also send you a new card, which you should receive within 2 working days. If it's an emergency and you need your card straightaway, we also offer an instant debit card replacement service2 in selected branches.

Opening hours and address details can be found using our branch finder.

It may take up to 5 working days if both your card and PIN need replacing as we can’t give you a replacement PIN in-branch.

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