Protect yourself from fraud

Don’t be fooled, be fraud smart

Check out our tips to help protect yourself against fraud.

Always check

A common tactic fraudsters use is to call claiming they’re from a bank or the police and try to trick you into giving them your details, withdrawing money or transferring money to a fake account.

If you receive a call or a message like this:

  • Check that the phone number is genuine

You’ll find company telephone numbers on bills, statements or their website. For Barclays numbers, you can use our telephone number checker to see if you’re being contacted by a genuine Barclays number.

  • Check that the website is secure

Before you enter any sensitive information (such as payment details), look for ‘https’ at the start of the website address – and a padlock or key icon next to the address bar on your device.

  • Check your statements

And let us know straightaway if you spot anything unusual.

Remember that we’ll never contact you and ask for details like your PIN or your passwords.

Never share

It’s really important to keep your details as secure as possible – especially things like your account security information.

Never share your PIN, PINsentry codes, passwords or any other confidential information with anyone who contacts you.

Remember that we’ll never ask you for this information – over the phone or online. If someone does ask you for this, end the conversation as quickly as possible.

Act with care

Keeping internet security software up-to-date is one of the simplest ways to stay safe online.

And if you use online or mobile banking with us, you can download Kaspersky security software1 for free .

Remember to act with care:

  • Only download things like apps, files and documents online from official websites and app stores
  • Always cover your PIN to prevent anyone from seeing it, and don’t let anyone distract you during a transaction
  • Treat any messages you receive asking for secure details with caution

And call us straightaway if you think your card, PIN or any other secure details have been compromised.

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