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SmartBusiness Insights

SmartBusiness Insights

At-a-glance insights to help you make more-informed decisions and run your business better.

SmartBusiness insights is a whole new way to manage your business. It gives you a clear breakdown of your revenue and spending, and lets you compare your performance to businesses similar to yours – all within Online Banking. If you use Barclaycard to process payments online or via card terminal, you can also get insights into your customers’ spending habits to help tailor your business to their needs.

What you get with Insights and what it costs


See money coming in and going out over the past week, quarter or year. Discover how your performance measures up to similar businesses where you are, too.


Highlight key trends to discover new opportunities and new ways to reduce costs. Use card transactions to gain fresh insight into customer behaviour and demographics.


Make more-informed decisions about your finances, identify ways to make payments more efficient and target new markets to help grow your business.

All for a low monthly fee

SmartBusiness Insights costs just £4.95 + VAT a month. If you're new to Barclays, Insights is free for your first 6 months.

Discover what SmartBusiness Insights can do for you

Who can use SmartBusiness Insights?

SmartBusiness Insights is brand new. We're working hard to make it available to everyone, but for now, you can only use it if your business meets the following criteria.

  • Your annual turnover is under £6.5m
  • You're trading in England, Scotland or Wales
  • You're registered for Business Online Banking
  • There's only 1 business linked to your account
  • Your account has only 1 authorised signatory
  • Your details are up-to-date

How to apply

If you're new to Barclays Business

SmartBusiness Insights is free for your first 6 months when you open a Barclays business account.

If your business already banks with us

SmartBusiness Insights costs £4.95 a month + VAT and you'll be charged the same day each month, starting from the day you sign up.

What you need to know

How much does SmartBusiness Insights cost?

SmartBusiness Insights costs £4.95 a month plus VAT and you’ll be charged the same day each month, starting from the day you sign up. If you’ve just opened a Barclays business account, you get a free trial to SmartBusiness Insights for your first 6 months. If you’d like to carry on using SmartBusiness Insights once your free trial expires, you’ll need to register for a paid subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription after signing up?

Yes – cancel within 14 days of signing up and we’ll give you a full refund. You can still cancel at any time after that, but you won’t be eligible for a refund. You need to cancel at least 2 working days before your monthly payment is due, otherwise you’ll be charged for the following month and your subscription will then end on your next payment date. To find out more, log in to SmartBusiness Insights and select ‘Help and support’.

How does SmartBusiness Insights tell me about my customers?

If you use Barclaycard to process payments online or via card terminal with Barclays debit cards or Barclaycard credit cards, you’ll be able to see your average customer spend and demographic profile, including average income, age and gender. If you don’t use Barclaycard to process payments, you won’t be able to see this information. Find out how to get set up .

Can I use SmartBusiness Insights if I have more than one Barclaycard terminal?

As long as your Barclaycard terminals all share the same merchant ID, then you can use SmartBusiness Insights – even if your terminals are used in several outlets. If you have more than one merchant ID, however, you can’t use SmartBusiness Insights – we’re looking to lift this restriction soon. If you don’t use Barclaycard to process your payments, you’re not affected by this.

How can I find out more about SmartBusiness Insights?

Simply contact your business manager at Barclays, who’ll be able to answer any questions you might have.

Where can I get technical support?

We’re on hand to help if you need technical support with SmartBusiness Insights – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply call us on 0345 600 2323. Call charges .