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Terms and Conditions

These terms supplement and amend the general conditions of your Customer Agreement and they take precedence for anything related to SmartBusiness.

What is SmartBusiness?

SmartBusiness uses data from your account to show you your business performance and trends over time. It also shows you aggregated, anonymised data of similar businesses for comparison purposes. If you process payments via Barclaycard, you’ll also see aggregated, anonymised data about your customers and their spending behaviour. SmartBusiness also features editorial content and highlights business products to help you manage your business.

How can I get SmartBusiness?

SmartBusiness is free of charge for a limited time. To use SmartBusiness you must be and remain a Barclays Business customer with access to Business Online Banking. We plan to introduce a monthly fee later in the year, but we’ll let you know at the time and give you the option to continue with the service or not.

About the information shown in SmartBusiness

We hope you find SmartBusiness helpful. You shouldn’t rely on SmartBusiness in isolation but instead use other sources and your own experience, knowledge and skills to make decisions about your business. Nothing in SmartBusiness contains investment advice.

To give you the information you see in SmartBusiness, we gather content from a number of sources, including from third parties. We do our best to ensure the information is accurate, but we can’t guarantee it is complete and error-free. We aren’t liable for damages or loss that you suffer in placing reliance on SmartBusiness.

As an online service, SmartBusiness may be updated or unavailable from time to time.

You can use SmartBusiness and reproduce any related content solely for reasonable internal business purposes within your organisation. You aren’t permitted to provide access to SmartBusiness or any related content to third parties, or otherwise reproduce the content for any other purpose.

Changing how SmartBusiness works

We may change how SmartBusiness works without prior notice if the change is in your favour (we’ll just update these terms). Otherwise, we’ll give you at least 30 days’ notice.

If we notify you about a change, we’ll tell you the date it comes into effect. If you don’t want to accept the change, you can opt out of SmartBusiness by giving us at least 14 days’ written notice.

You can write to us to opt out with 14 days’ notice at any time.

We may terminate or suspend SmartBusiness for any period of time with immediate effect at any time at our absolute discretion. For example, if we believe it isn’t useful for you or you no longer meet the eligibility criteria. 

Where do I sign?

If you want to sign up to SmartBusiness, you’ll need to agree to these terms and conditions by selecting ’Go to overview’. You must ensure that you have the authority to bind the business that you are signing on behalf of.

Alternatively, please select ‘Cancel’ to return to your account home screen.