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Standard Life Welcome

Moving from Standard Life Cash Savings & Mortgage?

As you probably know, Barclays purchased Standard Life Bank PLC on 1 January 2010.

We’re delighted to welcome you, and look forward to serving your banking needs for many years to come. Below, you’ll find some important information about that may be helpful.


We've finished transferring savings and mortgage accounts.

Savings customers
If you have any savings queries, you should direct them to us on 0345 744 5445 1 (Personal Cash Savings) or 0345 605 2345 1 (Business Cash Savings).

Mortgage customers
If you have any mortgage queries, you should direct them to us on 0800 022 4022 1.



Why has my account been moved to Barclays?

In 2010, we notified you that Barclays Bank PLC had acquired Standard Life Cash Savings & Mortgages. Since then, Standard Life Cash Savings has continued to look after your personal savings account(s). Barclays has now moved each of your savings accounts to its own systems and servicing centres. These changes mean there are a number of additional ways in which you can manage your money, giving you extra choice and flexibility.

What if I'm already a Barclays customer? 

Each Standard Life Cash Savings account moved to Barclays was created as a separate Barclays account and you have been issued with new Barclays savings account details – your existing Barclays account(s) are not affected.

How do I find details of my local branch?

The easiest way is to go to branch locator where you can find your nearest branch with the facilities you need.


Why is my mortgage moving to Barclays?

We notified you in 2010 that Standard Life Cash Savings & Mortgages had been acquired by Barclays Bank PLC. Since then your mortgage has continued to be administered by Standard Life Mortgages. Barclays is now going to move your mortgage account to its own systems and servicing centres.

When will my mortgage move to Barclays?
This is scheduled to take place in mid-2012. We will notify you in writing at each step along the way to ensure you are fully informed, and closer to the time we'll let you know the exact date your account will move.

What if I am already a Barclays customer?

When your Standard Life Mortgage account moves to Barclays, it will be created as a separate Barclays account and you will be issued with a new Woolwich Mortgage account – your existing Barclays account(s) will not be affected.

What will happen to the deeds for my property?

Property deeds have already been transferred to Barclays, who will continue to hold them.

Do I need to cancel or change my current Direct Debit, which pays my Standard Life Mortgage?

No. Please do not cancel your Direct Debit. To help ensure you don't go into arrears, we'll take care of the process of amending your current Direct Debit to favour Barclays, and we will notify you before the Direct Debit switch happens.

Important information
1. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls.  Call charges