Telephone Banking

Telephone banking

Bank when you want to

Telephone Banking offers you an automated, fast-track service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And if you need help, you can speak to an adviser by pressing zero on your phone.

Telephone Banking is secure and confidential. You'll be given a membership number and passcode when you join that you'll need to access your account. 2

What does Telephone Banking allow you to do?

By using our fast-track service, you can:

  • Hear your available balance
  • Check your latest transactions – what's come in or gone out
  • Pay your Barclaycard bill
  • Transfer money between your Barclays accounts
  • Search for specific payments
  • Listen to details of your standing orders and Direct Debits

By speaking to an adviser, you can:

  • Pay bills
  • Order chequebooks
  • Stop cheques
  • Order travellers cheques
  • Change your address details
  • Arrange a Barclayloan 2
  • Arrange a personal overdraft 2
  • Open a new current or savings account
  • Get information about Barclays products and services

Accessing Telephone Banking

To use Telephone Banking, you'll need to register. Simply call 0345 734 5345 1 and we'll send you a membership number and passcode within five working days.

Once you've received these, you can use Telephone Banking at any time by calling 0345 734 5345 1 .

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Important information
1. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges
2. To apply for a Barclayloan or a personal overdraft you must be aged 18 or over. All loans and overdrafts are subject to status