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Barclays Pingit QR codes in action

Our 4 examples show you how QR codes can simplify the way businesses get paid.

QR codes on your business cards

Barclays Pingit QR code generator

Business name: J Flanagan Heating and Plumbing
Owner: Joe Flanagan

How can a QR code printed on a business card help Joe? Joe is always on the run and likes to get paid on the spot so he doesn’t have to chase bills after a job is done. As a busy plumber, often being called out to emergencies, Joe does not like to carry cheques around with him. And he doesn’t particularly enjoy popping into a branch to deposit these cheques or waiting for them to clear. Joe prefers a direct deposit into his account so that he can get on with the real task at hand.

Joe’s prayers were answered when he discovered Barclays Pingit. Now he can accept payments on-the-spot using just a mobile number. Joe now gets paid more quickly, thanks to a personalised QR code which he’s had printed on to his business cards. This means he doesn’t have to reveal any of his personal account details to get paid.

Now Joe’s customers just need to register with Barclays Pingit, scan his QR code with a smartphone, enter the amount they wish to pay and the money is in Joe’s account before you can say ‘the boilers’ down!’.

QR codes on your invoices

Barclays Pingit QR code generator

Business name: Wahiwala & Co
Owner: Prakash Wahiwala

How can a QR code printed on an invoice help Prakash?

Prakash is a busy accountant who usually does his banking once a week on a Friday afternoon. Cheques are great on some occasions but, because Prakash is a busy professional, he prefers direct deposits straight into his account. He tried sending his account details to his customers but he felt this was not very professional and one client even got the details wrong and sent money to a different account.

Prakash was delighted to learn he could generate an exclusive QR code and attach it to his invoices. His client now receives the bill through the post, views the Barclays Pingit website and downloads the app. They then scan the QR Code using the app and all they need to do is check the payee, add the amount and hit confirm.

The money goes straight into Prakash’s account and he receives a text to let him know it’s there – simplifying the process and meaning Prakash now has fewer cheques (and less stress!) to deal with on Fridays.

QR codes on posters at your business

Barclays Pingit QR code generator

Business name: Jamelia Smith Physiotherapy
Owner: Jamelia Smith

How can a QR code printed on a posters help Jamelia?

Jamelia is a talented physiotherapist. Some of her clients have their bills settled directly by health insurers and those with no insurance pay by cash or cheque. As she is very busy, Jamelia would prefer not to handle multiple cheque and cash payments. She would rather help her clients get well than spend time queuing in a branch.

Jamelia was relieved to hear about Barclays Pingit. She generated her exclusive QR code, added it to posters in the waiting room and, after a few quick steps, her customers can now pay Jamelia straightaway, once their treatment is complete.

QR codes on websites

Barclays Pingit QR code generator

Business name: Radbrook Guest House
Owner: Beth Radbrook

How can an online QR code help Beth?

Beth runs a beautiful B&B in the countryside and has to take deposits every time a customer makes a booking. The best way for her to do this is by giving out her bank details or by having the customer send her a cheque. But this doesn’t always work out the way she plans as some customers are nervous about making bank transfers and some worry about cheques getting lost in the post. As a result, Beth sometimes loses out on money.

She’s since learned that there is an even better way of taking deposits. Beth generated a QR code from the Barclays website and advertised it on her own website. Her customers now just have to download Barclays Pingit, scan the QR code, confirm the payment and Beth gets her money immediately.