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Investing with us

Our investments are offered by Barclays Stockbrokers, which has been part of Barclays Bank Group for more than 25 years. It offers a service designed to support you in making your own investment decisions. However, it doesn't offer advice on the suitability of any investment for you.

Barclays Stockbrokers has a dedicated UK-based Client Service Team. If you need any help, they're on hand 6 days a week on the numbers to the right.

A wide choice of investments

When it comes to investing, everyone has different goals. That’s why Barclays Stockbrokers present a wide range of investments, and give you tools to help narrow down the choice.

For new investors, funds are one of the most popular types of investment. You might find that this is the only type of investment that you ever do, since they cover a wide variety of markets and styles.

You should ensure that you only invest what you can afford to lose and have savings to cover any short- to medium-term needs. It is commonly accepted that you should look to hold at least 6 months' income in a savings account that offers immediate access, in case of an emergency. If you are at all unsure as to whether investing is right for you then it might be best for you to seek financial advice.


Barclays Stockbrokers also offer access to individual shares , also known as equities. This type of investment requires initial and ongoing analysis of the company, the market conditions and the economic outlook. You need to be prepared to actively review share investments to ensure that they're performing as you expect due to the high risk of loss they carry. This is covered in more detail later.

Individual shares are generally only considered to be appropriate investments for experienced investors. Barclays Stockbrokers does not offer advice to clients as to the suitability of investments for them. However, we would say that, while everything depends on individual circumstances, individual shares should usually only be considered for inclusion in higher-value investment portfolios. A higher-value portfolio is more likely to offer a desirable level of risk diversification as well as efficiency of transaction costs when investing in individual shares.


Funds can be one of the simplest ways to get started because they generally invest in a mix of assets, giving you instant diversification in a single investment.

If you'd like to choose your own funds, Barclays Stockbrokers offers you access to a range of funds selected by Citywire – a leading independent financial publisher – that, in its view, offer good investment options.

Think you already know which funds you're looking for?

Before you decide, make sure you check out the latest insight and information from Barclays Stockbrokers Funds Research Centre. Here, you’ll find factsheets on each fund as well as another important document – the Key Investor Information Document (KIID). These provide a risk rating for each fund and should always be read before investing.

Fund Factsheets are frequently updated by the Fund Manager, so it's good practice to regularly review them to see how a fund is performing. This is also really important if there are changes in the economic outlook or market conditions – these may be triggers that persuade you to alter your investments.

We’ll talk about funds in more detail later.

Wherever you are on your investment journey, the Barclays Stockbrokers website lets you research the funds you want to invest in and seeks to give you the confidence to make your own investment decisions.

Barclays Stockbrokers offers execution-only investment services. This means they can administer your portfolio and provide investment education and research, but they don’t give you advice about your decisions or make recommendations about what investments are best for you, in your particular circumstances. If you don’t feel that you are able to select your investments for yourself, please seek advice from an independent financial adviser.



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