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What is Paym?


Paym makes it even easier for you to exchange payments with people using just a mobile number – and you can register through Barclays Pingit.

  • Exchange payments with other Paym users, no matter who they bank with
  • It’s free, secure and easy to use
  • Payments are sent in a matter of seconds


Terms and conditions apply

What is Paym?

Paym enables you to send or receive money using just a mobile number. You don’t need to share bank details, all you need is a UK mobile phone number. Before you can start using mobile payments, you’ll need to register for Paym and link your UK mobile phone number with your own bank account – and you can do that using Barclays Pingit.

What can I use it for?

  • Pay back friends and family without having to withdraw cash
  • Let people pay you without having to tell them your account details

Once you’ve registered, you can send money to any person who’s also registered for Paym by simply tapping their mobile number into the app. The money will be deposited into the account they register with – and it works the same way when people send you a payment

How do I register?

One easy way to get started with Paym is to register through Barclays Pingit. Our mobile payments app has been up and running since 2012 and is being used by more than 1.5 million people.

New to Barclays Pingit?

  • Download and install the app
  • Barclays Pingit will prompt you to join Paym when you register
  • That's it – you're ready to exchange payments with other Paym users

Already using Barclays Pingit?

  • Make sure you're using the latest version of the app
  • Open Barclays Pingit – the app will prompt you to join Paym
  • That's it - you're ready to exchange payments with other Paym users

Why Barclays Pingit?

Barclays Pingit is open to all – you don’t need to have an account with us. Like Paym, Barclays Pingit lets you pay with just a mobile phone number – but you can also pay businesses, make charitable donations and send money abroad to certain countries.  

Barclays Pingit is:

  • Free to download and safe to use
  • Open to all – you don’t need to bank with us
  • Easy to use – people you pay don’t have to be registered for Barclays Pingit
  • An easy way to register for Paym

Already using Barclays Pingit?

If you’re already registered for Barclays Pingit, you can start using Paym today. Just log in and the app will prompt you to join. Remember that you can always deregister later from your app’s side menu.

Get started with Barclays Pingit

Whether you’re already one of our customers or you bank elsewhere, you can start sending and receiving payments using just a UK mobile number.

New to Barclays?

Why not take a look at our range of current accounts? You can personalise your debit card and manage your account online, by phone or using our mobile banking app.

How will I know when somebody sends a payment via Paym?

If someone sends you a payment through Barclays Pingit you’ll get a notification from the app. If you’re being sent a payment through Paym the sender will need to let you know they’ve sent you money.

To see payments you've received via Paym, open your app’s ‘Account’ page, and then select ‘Transactions’ followed by 'Linked account activity' – Paym transactions will have the reference ‘Pym’.

Can I register for Paym with more than one bank?

No – once you have signed up with one bank, you can send payments or receive money from anyone  who’s registered for Paym, regardless of which bank they registered with. If you want to register for another bank’s Paym app, you’ll need to deregister from the one you originally signed up to.

Are my personal and account details safe when using Paym?

When you use Paym, money is sent and received using the same secure systems that protect your account and personal details every day.

If you opt in to this service we’ll provide your full name, mobile number, account number and sort code to the Mobile Payments Service Company Limited, which operates the Paym service. This information will be used by them and other financial institutions, such as other participating banks, to provide the Paym service. Your name will also be displayed to other Paym users, including customers of other participating financial institutions, to check if you’re registered for the Paym service – but only if they already know your mobile number and are trying to send you a payment.

Are Paym details safe if my phone’s lost or stolen?

Your Barclays Pingit app is protected by a passcode that only you know – it won’t be possible for anyone to send a payment without knowing this code. The passcode security details aren’t stored on the mobile phone, and you should make sure not to write the code down or carry it with your phone. 

If your phone’s lost or stolen, call straightaway on 0333 200 1012* and we’ll block your Barclays Pingit account.

*Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls.