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Switching to Barclays

Switch to simpler banking

Enjoy a simpler way of doing things

From day one, we make your banking easy. When you switch current accounts to us online, we do all the paperwork, and keep you updated every step of the way. Most accounts also qualify for Barclays Blue Rewards , our popular cashback scheme. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Step 1: Open your new account online. Or visit a branch if you already have a Barclays current account
  • Step 2: Give us a few details and choose a full or partial switch
  • Step 3: We set it all up and tell you when it’s done


The Current Account Switch Service

It’s a free service that lets you switch a current account from one participating bank or building society to another – in 7 working days 2. The Current Account Switch Service is simple and stress-free, and the full switch option is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee . As part of the full switch, we transfer all your payment orders in and out (such as salary and Direct Debits) to your new Barclays account, and also set up a payment redirection for any credits or debits from your old account for a minimum of 3 years.

Why switch to us?

  • Get cashback on banking, shopping, travel and more with Barclays Blue Rewards . Eligibility criteria and monthly fee apply
  • Add extra service Packs to your account using our online Features Store . Terms and conditions apply
  • Terms and conditions apply. Enjoy 24-hour access to your account, using Barclays Mobile Banking, Online Banking or Telephone Banking

Steps to switch your account

A full switch takes just 7 days – and we take care of everything for you.

Day 1

Visit a branch to confirm your identity within 5 days of applying for a switch. Then we’ll contact your old bank to start the process.

Day 2

We’ll text you to confirm the switch is under way.

Day 3

We’ll send you a letter confirming the date of your switch and confirming that your old bank has agreed to it.

Days 4-6

We’ll keep you updated by text.

Day 7

Your switch will be complete and we’ll text you to confirm this.

What’s the difference between a full and a partial switch?

Full switch

  • We'll move all your regular credit and debit payments, such as Direct Debits, standing orders, bills and your salary, to your new Barclays account
  • We'll close your old account for you
  • Any payment made into your old account will be redirected for 3 years, or longer if required. Please refer to the Current Account Switch Agreement for further details.
  • Full switches are covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee
  • After you apply, you'll have 5 working days to visit a Barclays branch and confirm your identity so the switch can start. The process will be complete 7 working days after this
  • If your old bank doesn’t offer the full switch, you may need to use our Paper-based Switching Service

Partial switch 1

  • Let us know that you just want a partial switch
  • We contact your old bank for a list of your debit payments for the account you're switching from
  • You select those you want us to move to your Barclays account
  • We leave your old account open
  • We won't be able to switch any individual future-dated payments
  • You'll need to arrange the transfer of any credit payments (eg. your salary) to your new Barclays account

If you have any other questions about switching to us, our help section has plenty of useful information.

Discover simpler banking

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Important Information

1. The partial switch is not backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee and takes longer than 7 days to complete.

2. To view PDFs, you'll need a PDF file viewer installed on your computer.