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Your banking services

Here’s how your Barclays Bank Account compares with a Premier Life account. There’s also information about this in the booklet 1.18 MB we sent you with your latest letter.

With your Barclays Bank Account, you’ll still have a contactless debit card – we’ll send you a new blue one when your black Premier card expires. You can personalise it for free, and use it to withdraw up to £300 a day from cash machines.

You’ll still be eligible to apply for an overdraft, or keep your existing one. There are more details about this below.

You’ll also be able to sign up for Barclays Blue Rewards , which lets you earn rewards and save money if you take out selected products with us or shop online using SmartSpend (eligibility applies).

To see how the other features of your Barclays Bank Account compare to a Premier Life account, you can download this  comparison table 1.18 MB

  • Changes to your overdraft

    If you have an arranged overdraft, your limit won’t change when your account changes, but the first £1,000 will no longer be fee-free. However, if you have one or more Pack from our Feature Store, the first £200 will be fee-free. This change will happen automatically when your account changes to a Barclays Bank Account with the 3 Packs.

    If you go overdrawn beyond your fee-free amount, daily fees will be charged on the whole overdrawn balance you’re using. You can find out the daily charges that apply and what the change will mean to you by using our overdraft calculator  and selecting ‘Barclays Bank Account with Packs’ from the drop-down list if you keep at least one Pack or ‘Barclays Bank Account’ if you don’t.

    If you chose to remove all the Packs from your account, you’ll have no fee-free amount and you’ll be charged daily fees on the whole amount while you’re overdrawn.

    If you also have an Emergency Borrowing limit, the terms aren’t changing.

  • FAQs

    I use my overdraft every month, how much will I be charged when my account changes and I no longer have the £1,000 fee-free overdraft?

    The amount of fees will differ depending on how many days you use your overdraft for and on how much you use. You can find out what the changes will mean to you by using our overdraft calculator , and selecting ‘Barclays Bank Account with Packs’ from the drop-down list.

    If you’d like more support on managing your overdraft, please call us to discuss your options.

    Will I still be able to use Premier Rewards when my account changes?

    On the date your account changes to a Barclays Bank Account, you’ll no longer have access to that service.

  • Terms and conditions

    Here are your account terms and conditions, as well as an explanation of our bank charges. Please note that the conditions that specifically refer to Premier Life will no longer apply.

    Terms and conditions for Personal customers 470 KB

    Our bank charges explained 930 KB

    To view PDFs, you’ll need a PDF file viewer installed on your computer or device.


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