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Cashback shopping

Shop online or in store

Choose from over 200 retailers like Boots, Ernest Jones and Toys R Us – plus you’ll get an extra 1% cashback if you have Barclays Blue Rewards.

Eligibility and fee apply

Want to get cashback on your shopping?

It’s a quick and easy way to get cashback from a wide range of leading retailers including Boots, GAP, Waterstones, Toys’R’Us and many more. You can shop online from the cashback site or in-store when you use a Barclays debit card. To earn cashback on in-store purchases you must first activate retailer offers online on our cashback site.

Important information

Cashback is earned for online purchases through cashback shopping and for hotel and hotel with flight bookings made through Expedia. For energyhelpline, savings for energy switches are calculated as the difference in cost of new tariffs compared to previous ones, assuming energy consumption remains the same.